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Ear Defenders

Ear defenders are essential hearing protective gear designed to shield your ears from loud noises and prevent hearing damage. Made with soft cushions and adjustable bands, they’re comfortable to wear for long periods. Ear defenders are crucial for anyone working in loud places like construction sties and factories.

By wearing ear defenders you can protect your hearing and keep your ears safe from harm while being able to focus on your tasks. Shop now.

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  • JSP EVOLite Forestry Groundworker Safety Helmet

    £61.62 ex VAT
  • JSP Bushmaster with 20cm Polycarbonate Visor 30 SNR

    £31.52 ex VAT
  • 3M Peltor X3P3 Helmet Attachment

    £26.99 ex VAT
  • 3M Peltor Optime 3 H540P3E-413-SV Helmet Attachment

    £25.49 ex VAT
  • Special Offer

    JSP Sonis 3 Adjustable Ear Defenders 37dB SNR

    £24.75 ex VAT
  • Special Offer

    JSP Sonis C Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders 31dB SNR

    £24.09 ex VAT
  • JSP Sonis Adjustable Ear Defenders 32dB SNR Grey/Orange

    £24.09 ex VAT
  • 3M/Peltor H520B Optime ll Neckband Ear Defenders

    £23.75 ex VAT
  • uvex K4, earmuffs, lime/black, adjustable SNR 35

    £23.44 ex VAT
  • uvex K3, earmuffs, black/red, adjustable SNR 33

    £17.36 ex VAT
  • Honeywell VS 130 D VeriShield 100 Series Dielectric Earmuff

    £16.95 ex VAT
  • Special Offer

    JSP Sonis Adjustable Ear Defenders 27dB SNR Grey/Green

    £16.11 ex VAT
  • uvex K2, earmuffs, black/yellow, adjustable SNR 32

    £15.01 ex VAT
  • Honeywell VS 140 VeriShield 100 Series Passive Earmuffs

    £14.95 ex VAT
  • uvex K1, earmuffs, black/green, adjustable SNR 28

    £12.23 ex VAT
  • Honeywell 1011170 V3 Multiple-Position Earmuff

    £9.95 ex VAT
  • Portwest PS47 Endurance Clip-On Ear Protectors

    £8.40 ex VAT
    This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Honeywell 3302152 Howard Leight QM24+ Ultra-leightweight Ear Defender

    £7.49 ex VAT
  • Portwest PS41 Super HV High Ear Protectors

    £5.70 ex VAT
  • Economy Red Ear Defenders

    £3.99 ex VAT