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Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are essential in providing comprehensive eye protection in various hazardous environments. Unlike safety glasses, goggles offer a snug, sealed fit around the eyes, shielding you from airborne particles, chemcial splashes and other potential hazards.

Whatever your eye protection needs, here at PPE Store we offer a range of quality safety goggles from trusted brands such as uvex, Bolle, JSP, Honeywell and Portwest.

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  • Bolle RX1Bolle 1

    Bolle RX Prescription Eyewear All Inclusive Service

    £145.00 ex VAT
  • Uvex 9309275 Pheos CX2 Sonic Safety Googles

    £11.19 ex VAT
  • JSP EVO Single Lens Safety Goggles AGM020-623-000

    £10.24 ex VAT
  • Bolle Cobra COBFTPSI Safety Glasses

    £9.95 ex VAT
  • Uvex 9302245 Ultrasonic Goggles

    £9.76 ex VAT
  • Portwest PS29 Impervious Safety Goggles

  • Portwest PS22 Ultra Safe Goggles

  • Bolle TRACKER PLATINUM- Safety Goggles Vented Clear

    £9.29 ex VAT
  • Portwest PW25 Ultra Vista Goggles Unvented

  • Honeywell 1006193 V-MAXX Polycarbonate Safety Goggle

    £6.89 ex VAT
  • Portwest PW22 Challenger Clear Goggles

    £5.19 ex VAT
  • Portwest PW24 Ultra Vista Goggles

  • Portwest PS11 Tech Look Plus Spectacle

  • Portwest PW26 Slim Safety Goggles

  • Portwest PS21 Chemical Goggles

  • Standard Clear Safety Goggle

    £1.79 ex VAT
  • Portwest PW21 Indirect Vent Goggles

  • Portwest PW20 Direct Vent Goggles