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Face Shields

Face shields are designed to protect the face, eyes, nose and mouth from airborne droplets, splashes, and particles. They consist of a clear plastic shield that covers the entire face, extending from the forehead to below the chin, providing a barrier against various hazards in the workplace. Face shields are commonly used in medical settings, laboratories, manufacturing plants, and other environments where workers may encouter hazardous substances or infectious agents.

Unlike face masks, which primarily protect others from the wearer’s respiratory emissions, face shields offer two-way protection by shielding both the wearer and those around them. We provide a range of face shields from brands such as Portwest, Honeywell and JSP. Shop now.

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  • JSP EVO- VISTAshield- Safety Helmet with Faceshield – Vented

    £35.16£39.39 ex VAT
    This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • JSP Bushmaster with 20cm Polycarbonate Visor 30 SNR

    £31.52 ex VAT
  • Honeywell CV85/SW Green Acetate Visor

    £17.49 ex VAT
  • Honeywell CB20 Adjustable Brow Guard

    £10.99 ex VAT
  • Impact Rated Face Shield Plus

    £10.88 ex VAT
  • Honeywell CV83P Polycarbonate Visor

    £7.78 ex VAT
  • Honeywell CV84A Acetate Visor

    £4.75 ex VAT