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COMING SOON: Gore-Tex Arc Protective Clothing

arc protective clothing

With Arc Flash Awareness Day just around the corner, we’re thrilled to introduce ProGRAM’s latest innovation: the GORE-TEX Brand collection! Stay tuned for the launch of this cutting-edge range, coming very soon.

Protect Your Hearing: Don’t Lose The Soundtrack of Your Life

Two men wearing protective earmuffs, one touching his headset, with text promoting hearing protection: "protect your hearing: don't lose the soundtrack of your life.

Remember the song (you know, that song) that you heard when you were out, and you instantly grabbed your friends and hit the dance floor (bet you’re smiling just thinking of it?) Remember the song that played when you first got in the car alone after passing your driving test (Freeeeedom!!!) Remember the song you […]

Choosing uvex Safety Footwear: A Commitment to Quality, Innovation, and Protection

uvex safety footwear, black work boots

In an ever-evolving world where workplace safety is paramount, selecting the right protective gear is crucial for ensuring the well-being of employees across industries. Among the myriad options available, uvex stands out as a beacon of excellence, offering top-of-the-line safety products that embody a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and protection. Founded in 1926, uvex […]

Respiratory Protection: The Journey to Respirator Fit

force8 respiratory mask, ppe protection

Ensuring the proper fit for respiratory protection is paramount for safeguarding against harmful airborne contaminants. Respirators such as half and full face masks form a crucial barrier by creating a tight seal against the wearer’s face. This seal prevents air from bypassing the filtration system and sintering through gaps around the mask.  No ‘One Size […]

Useful Links, Documents & Resources

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Health and Safety ExecutiveHSE: Information about health and safety at work Health and safety guidance (HSG) publicationsHSE Books – Health and safety guidance (HSG) publications The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (legislation.gov.uk) The Personal Protective Equipment at Work RegulationsOn 6 April 2022 the Personal Protective Equipment […]

Arc Flash Clothing: What Is An Arc Flash?

arc flash protection , portwest workwear

An Arc Flash transpires when an electrical discharge traverses through the air, unleashing a potent burst of energy. This phenomenon holds the potential to inflict severe harm on individuals within its vicinity, underscoring the critical need for sufficient Arc Flash Clothing protection. Termed as an electric arc or arc discharge, this event manifests when an […]

How uvex is Setting New Benchmarks in Sustainablity 

uvex sustainablity

From its “protecting planet” range to detailed carbon calculations, uvex is setting new standards in sustainable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)  Since 1926, uvex has been dedicated to protecting people. The company creates personal protective equipment from head to toe that precisely delivers the protection workers need.  With CO2 emissions rocketing and global warming soaring, the […]

Happy Workers, Happy Business: How Well-Designed PPE Boosts Worker Wellbeing

uvex footwear protection

In today’s competitive landscape, happy, healthy workers are essential for business success. But it’s not just about perks and ping pong tables – a key factor is high-quality PPE. Think about it: uncomfortable, ill-fitting equipment makes employees feel undervalued and leads to: Solution: PPE designed for wearability Instead, imagine comfortable, ergonomic PPE that: uvex: Wearability […]

Prioritising Hearing Protection in the Workplace

hearing protection

The importance of workplace safety cannot be emphasised enough. While numerous safety protocols primarily address visible hazards, one frequently underestimated one is excessive noise and hearing protection. Our ears, capable of distinguishing frequencies, tones, and pinpointing the direction of a sound, play a crucial role in our daily lives, so protecting them in the workplace […]