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The Risks of Wearing Hats or Hoodies Underneath Safety Helmets

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Working outdoors in cold weather demands a delicate balance between staying warm and ensuring the effectiveness of personal protective equipment (PPE). One common question that arises is whether it’s safe to wear a hat or hoodie underneath a safety helmet. While it may seem like a practical way to combat the cold, this practice can compromise the protection provided by the helmet and put workers at risk.

The Risks

Wearing a hat or hoodie under a safety helmet may appear harmless, but it can have serious consequences. The harness of the helmet, particularly the nape strap, plays a crucial role in securing the helmet and providing the intended level of protection. Adding extra layers can interfere with the proper fit of the harness, potentially reducing the level of protection offered to the wearer.

If the helmet becomes too loose due to the presence of a hat or hoodie, its shock absorption performance may be compromised. This increases the risk of injury in the event of an impact. Additionally, the helmet’s position may shift more easily, making it prone to being knocked off the wearer’s head and leaving them vulnerable to potential hazards.

Safe Alternatives

To address the need for warmth without compromising safety, helmet warmers and liners provide a secure alternative. These products are specifically designed for use with compatible head protection, ensuring that they do not interfere with the helmet’s performance.

At the PPE Store, we proudly stock some of the top personal protective equipment available in the market. Among our featured brands is JSP, a renowned provider of high-quality protective gear. JSP offers a diverse range of solutions designed to keep workers warm without compromising safety. Rigorous testing procedures, including the direct fitting of helmets to test headforms with cold weather accessories, have been conducted to verify performance and guarantee compatibility.

A standout option from JSP’s lineup is the Surefit™ thermal helmet liner, designed to be worn like a beanie under the helmet. This specially crafted liner is approved for its ability to allow the helmet’s harness to fit correctly, ensuring both warmth and safety for the wearer. Additionally, you can buy padded helmet warmers that securely attach to the helmet’s harness, maintaining a snug fit while delivering the necessary protection.

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